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Styched introduces “Styched Life” for fan merchandising

Who does not like possessing merchandise with our favorite characters from various cartoons, series, etc. embedded on it? Styched, understands the feeling attached to such characters very well and is launching a new portal called “Styched Life” offering fan merchandise to its customers from different segments.

The Bengaluru based start-up was launched in February 2019 and is eventually creating its space in the market. It is a production on-demand fashion brand and is now thriving to be a one-stop-shop for all fan merchandises.

“We are projected to ship more than 10,000 orders per month and the aim is to sell at least 1 million fan merchandize in the next one year. We aim to become the destination shop for all fan merchandise across all categories. Satyajit Hoskote, head of business development, was quoted as saying by Indian media reports.

The company collaborates with all kinds of artists, influencers, brands, comics, TV-shows and charitable organizations across the country to produce limited fashion merchandise. It does not only aim the big names in the country but also believes in promoting budding talents and initiatives. “In addition to tie-ups with the known brands, through Styched Life, we wish to promote local talent and social initiatives”, said Hoskote.

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The brand is gradually growing since its inception and claims to deliver about 200 merchandise a day to around 20,000 pin codes throughout the country. The fast-fashion brand owes its success to the concept of on-demand production which helps styched to zero inventory holding cost and offers myriad styles and designs.

The start-up’s portfolio includes names like M-Zee Bella, Agsy, Hip Hop India, High on Dance, Diamond Comics, Amar Chitra Katha, Bengaluru Raptors and the Cricket Association for the Blind in India.

“There is a huge market for Indian comic merchandise. Most of us have grown up reading and watching characters like Chacha Chaudhary, Shaktimaan, Vikram Betal and so on. They remind us of our childhood and evoke a strong sense of nostalgia among every one of us. When Styched approached us, we were delighted that a fashion brand has chosen to go the Indian route. We couldn’t be more excited about this,” said Gulshan Rai, founder of Diamond Comics on their collaboration with Styched

Fan merch or fan merchandise refers to the products based on famous characters from various entertainment sources like comics, movies, cartoons and more and are gaining popularity among the customers.


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