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SheThePeople organises Digital Women Awards to celebrate digital businesses and its owners

Photo credits: shethepeople.tv

SheThePeople organised Digital Women Awards to celebrate how brands have been developed with the help of digitalization, Internet and their individual brand identity. The ceremony was witnessed by the establishers of some successful business who were able to build their brands with the help of the Internet. The speakers included Saudamini Mattu, CEO, AbuSandeep.com, Neha Jhunjhunwala, founder of Studio13 and Ankita Bansal, Co-founder, There!.

All the speakers talked about the respective brand motivations and what defines their distinctive brands. Mattu quoted, “Women have come a long way in the last 20-30 years. If women want to indulge themselves today, they don’t need someone else to come and do that for them. We all (women) are independent and know what we want.” Ankita Bansal talked about her brand which is a denim apparel store, she also mentioned her love she has for people in general. Ankita further added, “Someone told me that your brand name doesn’t need to have a story attached to it. It could just be anything as long as people relate to the story you’re trying to build.”

Neha Jhunjhunwala also talked about her brand and its journey from branding to tableware. Surprisingly, all the speakers had chosen digital form to establish their business. On this, Bansal mentioned, “Digitally, the kind of imprint you leave on people’s hearts and minds exceeds the benefits of having an offline store.” Agreeing on the point, Neha quoted that even the covid pandemic proved to be in favour of her online business and she, fortunately, had not suffered huge losses. “You can create a digital family when you post about your product on social media. You also come to know about the customers’ sensibilities through interactions,” she added.

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The panellists also talked about how they had to work an extra mile to turn their business operations in response to Covid-19 by providing best of the services, constant sanitisation, delivery option with as minimal contact as possible.



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