Sharon Kodan launches her new brand ‘Mamour Paris Jewellery’


The renowned Jewellery couturier and fashion blogger Sharon Kodan has launched her new brand ‘Mamour Paris Jewellery’. It has recently opened its door virtually for customers. The fashion and lifestyle blogger is of Indian-origin based in Paris. Her brand is famous for its handcrafted antique bijouterie. It is a modern avatar with a hint of spectacle mixing both old-world charm and the modern 21st-century values.

The idea behind the brand is to create luxury heirloom pieces, the ideology is deeply rooted in the freedom of art. The customers are loving brand because of its unique and nuanced idea. The storytelling has attracted a lot of people which is linked to the art world. It is by far, one of the most coveted fine jewellery brands around the world. It also contains the brand’s most versatile statement items, including its seasonal and high-end line of jewellery.

Via its user-friendly online shop, Mamour Paris Jewellery by Sharon Kodan approaches the fashion-forward, on-the-go, multifaceted woman.

“Many that shuffle through their busy social and work calendar and plunge into a glamorous weekend packed with celebrations from an eventful Monday, make a bold declaration in our exquisite range. There are links between the elements, i.e. ties, something full and beautiful can be created, both in producing unique jewellery and in relationships with other people,” said Sharon.

The inspiration of Mamoru Paris is to create Heirloom pieces for its clients that echo tales of a daring, unique and free spirit where Mamour’s designs strike the right balance between art, modernity, and a connection to the past. The Mamour’s Universe is a fairy tale where audacity runs wild. Every piece of the latest collection is perfectly imperfect and corresponds to the story of uniqueness.



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