Diwali 2020 is as special to Indian citizens as it is every year even amid the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. This festival means lights, family time, and buying new clothes, but Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh set a new example for us all. Girls are known to wear the old sarees of their mothers but this time, the Ek Villain actor did something that caught all our attention and love.

In his recent Twitter post, Riteish Deshmukh shared a video of a transition of how he recycled his mother’s old saree and got three kurtas; one for himself and two for his sons. This video is winning hearts all over the Internet. Here have a look at the video:

The blue turquoise saree of Deskmukh’s mother was turned into kurtas for the Deskmukh boys for the festival of lights. In the video, the mother is shown waving the saree in the air and in just a few seconds, the boys are seen standing wearing kurtas made of the sari along with the brightest smiles possible. Twitter is extremely loving the video and the idea.


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