January: A luxury fashion renting platform Rent N Flaunt launched a new subscription-based plan to provide affordable high-end brands to their customers. With this, the interested will be able to rent three products for Rs. 1,999 and five for Rs. 3,499.

The plan launched by Rent N Flaunt will be a one-time rental plan providing free shipping for both ways will allow the visitors to hold the products for at least 4 to 8 days. Rent N Flaunt was found is 2020. It is a rental company where women can rent their essential accessories by endless designers on a monthly subscription basis.

Sharing her take on the rental plan, founder of the renting platform, Sakshi Goel, stated, “It all started with a love and curiosity for luxury brands that I shared with my sister. We wanted it to be available and affordable to everyone in every part of India. That’s how Rent n Flaunt was born. We also had, at the back of our minds, that rental fashion should not only be practical but also a lot more sustainable for our environment. Now, we want to make rental a lifestyle, alongside making luxury habitual. Rentals – as sharing methodology – minimizes the cost to both the user and the environment. This is the kind of sustainable fashion that lies at the center of Rent n Flaunt’s ideology.”

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