At a time where window shopping is losing its sheen against online channels, one of the most loved brand PUMA is coming up with innovative ideas to pull consumers to its stores. The brand recently announced the launch of its remodeled stores at Banjara hills, Hyderabad and Pacific mall, New Delhi which entails the concept of experiential shopping. The stores are said to combine technology, sports and experiential retail under one roof. Along with the same, PUMA also launches its select shop-in-shops in India where the brand would collaborate with global designers.

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Abhishek Ganguly, the general manager of PUMA India and South east Asia said that they were thrilled to launch the remodeled stores which are in line with their efforts to enhance customer experience. He said that the stores would offer more interactive and personalized experience, and this has been their primary focus lately. He also echoed the sentiment of the amount of importance health, fitness and sports are going to play in the lives of people and believe that it will continue to grow as more and more people prioritize the same. Therefore the reinventing of the PUMA stores reinforces their commitment to engage and serve consumers in a better manner.  In addition to this he said that the stores will hold safety of every customer and team members at utmost importance and will stringently follow the guidelines given by the government in their daily operations.

The new stores feature personalization zones, digitally connected offerings and futuristic product range. Some of the experiential elements that has been included in the PUMA flagship store in Bangaluru are:

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PUMA select shop-in-shop – This concept features the collaboration with global designers like The Hundreds, RHUDE and Charlotte Olympia and many more for street wear. This would largely include premium product line and will be an amalgamation of culture and fashion.

PUMA x YOU – This concept entails on demand personalization where consumers can customize and personalize PUMA products which include a range of items from footwear, apparel and accessories using embroidery and print. It offers over a hundred unique and fun design options that one can play with.

Interactive experience – A click of a button is all it takes for customers to get close to all the PUMA products that they admire. This virtual experience at the store entails a screen that allows consumers to see the entire range of products without a limitation with respect to colors or styles that might not be available at the store. The consumers can choose their preferred item from the screen and place the order directly from the warehouse which will then be shipped to their home.

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The brand has increased their focus on hygiene and safety measurements as mentioned which include steps like a cap on the maximum number of consumers inside the store at any given point, hourly sanitization of store fixtures, Making masks mandatory, contactless temperature screening at the store entrance, contactless payments, Sanitizing hands at the entrance and at all touchpoints across the store and Demarcated areas that allow for social distancing within the store. The newer format of stores also has a design where a completely modern look and feel is given. The illuminated footwear walls and the elevated layout which stand out take the consumer to a fascinating world that captures a different and an unforgettable experience.



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