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Pernia Qureshi’s first sustainable line Gur

Fashion entrepreneur Pernia Qureshi joins the sustainable fashion movement with the launch of her clothing line Gur. Qureshi also launched a Gur store in Mumbai recently at multi-brand luxury fashion house Le Mill.

Gur creates womenswear using organic fibres extracted from various unconventional sources such as Milk, Rose, Banana, Eucalyptus, Aloe, and Orange that are antibacterial, anti-fungal and hypoallergenic.

The collection includes skirts, frocks, tops and maxi dress in different shades of white, orange, yellow and blue among others. This fresh line of clothing features intricate embroidery and detailed motifs.

Speaking about the idea on Instagram Qureshi stated, “As I evolve in my career and as a human being there is a sense that I want to do better and be better. Gur is my attempt to create something for a conscious future. It’s clothing and a lifestyle that feels good along with looking good.”

In an Instagram video Qureshi said that with a promise to be as close as possible to the environment the brand works with no-plastic policy. So the garments are free from any plastic details such as buttons and zippers.

The designer is also planning to bring out a complete sustainable winter collection. “In the winter we’ll have some layering and other pieces coming up as well but the idea is to have clothing which is easy to wear and something that feels good on your skin.” she concluded.

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