Manish Malhotra, a renowned name in the fashion industry has a different belief when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic and its connection to the fashion industry. He believes that the pandemic has resulted in a course correction in the fashion industry as it has emphasized quality more than quantity and conscious designs.

Malhotra told PTI while an email interaction and quoted, “I know times are tough but am hopeful that the eventual outcome will be a good one. Quality will be given precedence over quantity. The pandemic and its learnings have and will continue to lead to conscious designs and lesser productions – both of which are the need of the hour.” Further, he also added, “With limited outings and sparse gatherings, the nature of demand has changed over the last seven months, so the focus on things that truly matter should be more. The future is all about being creative, curious and conscious”.

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The popular couturier predicted that the new season Indian fashion would witness some changes and will focus more on traditional craft and the design houses will find the latest ways to make it a part of their design narratives. The explanation the same, he wrote, “For example, in our recent collections we’ve used silks, brocades and embroideries which were a part of our archival office. Sustainability, technology and Indian crafts are going to take the centre stage in fashion now”.

With over three decades experience of Malhotra in the Bollywood industry and other cinemas, the pandemic has given birth to various challenges but however, the designer feels that since the conditions are a lot better now, it would be good for the designers and stylists to ‘make it happen’ but only will and passion.


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