Nykaa a Mumbai based startup of fashion and beauty app store is running tremendously. Recently the app launched its men’s fashion segment with more than 560+ brands. Nykaa promises to get more than 42 thousands of product to its men fashion segment. The Nykaa men’s fashion is launched after two years of the launch of men’s grooming site.

Speaking at the event, Anchit Nayar, Chief Marketing Officer of Nykaa, said, “With the event of our men’s fashion items segment on Nykaa Fashion and our exclusive grooming offer on Nykaa Man, men across India will be able to shop at Nykaa for all their lifestyle needs with a 100 per cent authenticity guarantee, as well as exciting content to discover new trends and items.”

Nykaa has used the social platform to create a buzz about its new segment. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have exposed men to global fashion and self-care. Nykaa Men will be a one-stop place all the men to fulfil their desire. Clothing, footwear, eyewear, sportswear and accessories will be given in the men’s segment.

Formed in 2012 by Falguni Nayar, Nykaa began as an online platform for beauty and wellness products. And in 2015 it began to extend its presence to offline markets. The business now has almost 70 offline stores in more than 20 locations. The company claims to satisfy approximately 1.5 Mn orders a month. They are selling over 1.5 K brands and 130 K items, as far as its online store is concerned.

Nykaa has seen a spike in average order prices and prepaid payments in recent months, reflecting the popularity of online shopping. As a pioneer in women’s apparel and makeup shopping, by appealing to the high-growth apparel and grooming markets, Nykaa can now expand its retail experience to a male audience.



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