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Luxury brand Louis Vuitton launches a new range of sports gears under Homeware Line

“Fashion house – Louis Vuitton has unveiled its brand new collection for the Homeware line. The brand has come up with myriad new sporting goods with the iconic monogram label inscribed on it.”

The lockdown imposed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic has given people ample time to indulge in new hobbies and working out seems to be the most favorite one. Louis Vuitton is making the most of this craze among people and has revealed its new sports gear collection.

The collection comprises of a variety of sports equipment. From gym-freaks to sports addicts, LV has something in store for everyone. The dumbbells from the cache are sure to take the limelight. Priced at $2720, they weigh 6.7 lbs and might not help you build those muscles but would help you achieve that shape in style. On the other hand, LV’s  Christopher jump rope could motivate anyone to do a quick cardio session. the skipping rope is valued at $670.

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All the high-end gears are a bit steep and not affordable to every customer. But the patronage that Louis Vuitton has developed would not let the heritage brand down.

If working out is not your thing, LV has a pair of ping-pong set at your disposal. It is a perfect blend of sports and luxury. The set is wrapped up in a leather cover with the famous Eclipse logo pattern on it.

There is also a set of opulent playing cards for all the card lovers in the label’s new collection. The cards come in a classy leather case with the iconic LV logo embedded in it. Apart from that, the Homewear line comprises vibrant volleyballs, skis, and skimboards.

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People are taking quarantine time to adopt a new and healthy lifestyle. The trend of working out at home and spending time with family, playing games is to going run for long a course even after the eradication of the pandemic. During these trying times, this launch by the brand would keep its patrons waiting to get their hands on these irresistible products.


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