The ongoing pandemic has unveiled interesting sides of technology across the world with the virtual world gaining prominence and becoming highly active in every area of life. The current climate has lead to exciting innovations and experiments on the digital front especially in the fashion industry. One such has been India’s first digital model introduced by India’s leading artist and talent management agency, Inega. The model has been named Nila by its curators.

Source: Inega


The company though primarily caters to talent management, also has a full service production agency known as Inega production that create static and motion content for brands. Besides that the company also has a division known as Inega Prograde which offers post production services such as computer graphics and retouching. Inega has been contributing to the ever changing climate in our country in the past few years by representing themselves through varied projects; one such has been through setting up a board for transgender and curvy models. The company has also been supporting and representing the larger creative community which consists of photographers, stylists, and hair and makeup artists and has a separate talent division for writers and actors.

With respect to Nila, Inega is the first to represent international digital models in India. Debuting through Instagram (@nila.gram), Nila has already grabbed attention in the virtual world. On June 25th, the digital model made its first foray into the world of digital ramps similar to its international digital influencers Lil Miquela and Imma Gram.

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The CEO of Inega, Ankit Mehta viewed his sentiments on the same by highlighting the dynamic world of fashion and brand endorsements. He said that there is a huge market and opportunity for newer experiences as the preference palate and mindset of the population is constantly evolving. He further added that Nila has been gaining popularity at a rapid pace since only hours after her launch, various leading fashion brands has showcased an interest in her. Highlighting the already prevalent trend of digital models in the international market, he pointed out that global brands such as Valentino, Dior and Prada has welcomed virtual models into the campaigns to complement real ones. Therefore Ankit is optimistic about the amount of opportunities the fashion industry will present in order to cater to such innovations.


As social distancing norms get highlighted day by day, revolutionary innovations like Nila will act as a precedent for many more innovations that cater to better experience and comfort for the engagement in the virtual world.



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