Everything is moving online, even the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI). FDCI is starting a virtual B2B platform where the domestic and internal traders can interact. The virtual platform is begun to revive the pace of import-export in FDCI. Because of COVID fashion industry had a slow pace. The title of the project is ‘Designer Showroom’; the online retail destination. Prêtture; a cloud app is used to execute the process freely, all the workflow of the designers will be managed on the app. The motto of the project is “Business happens here”.

Each designer is given their own portal where they can upload their collection and interact with buyers. The portal will be active for the next three months, starting 14th October. The initiative of the virtual presence of the collection was given by the chairman, Sunil Sethi. As mentioned by him; “This will provide designers with a cost-effective way to showcase their collection and resume sales. The platform will provide a 360-degree approach to contact buyers all around the world.” Sunil Sethi main motto was to make an international presence of FDCI. And Designers Showroom is the first step towards it.

Pretture’s CEO and CTO Krishna Tiwari said: “While it took a long time to finalise this, we believe that the keen eye to detail by Sunil Sethi and the FDCI team has finally proven quite fruitful. We have been collaborating with fashion designers, and this gives us a forum to demonstrate our talent and commitment to the fraternity. Prêtture is optimistic that this partnership with the FDCI will add our skills and devotion to the fraternity.”

This year is all about virtual presence all the designers are trying to launch their collection on the net. It is very new territory for everyone, and to keep up with the time digital media is the only solution.



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