Due to the absence of red carpets, fashion weeks and big events, people are unable to get inspirations of their fashion. However, OTT platforms are now the only choice left to us for our entertainment but now for fashion inspiration too. Sounds weird and confusing? Let us make it clear for you. Most of the movies and web series are being released on these OTT platforms only like Netflix, Amazon Prime Disney Plus Hotstar among others. The stories of the web series could go unnoticed but the clothes attract quite a number of audiences to it. And surprisingly, you can also get fashion inspirations from some shows on OTT platform Netflix.

A Suitable Boy

A Suitable Boy which received a mixed review from the audience and the critics, topped in the context of clothing as it proved to be a visual delight to many. Arjun Bhasin, who is New York-based Oscar academy member was behind the spectacular work of costumes for this show which is a Mira Nair adaptation of the highly popular book. Tanya Maniktala, playing the lead role had 64 costume changes along with 3,000 costumes for extras and 1,100 handloom saris those were featured in the film. From cotton mul-muls to all-time favourite Banarasis, Bhasin had worked hard on each outfit being used in the film.

Emily In Paris

From formals, and casuals to totally no-makeup look, Emily In Paris is yet another collection of elegant and classy fashion wear. The most simplistic and the most stylish clothes are being worn by the Emily In Paris stars. Lily Collins, seen as a protagonist in the series has garnered a lot of fan following with her charm and clothing. The costume designer behind the spectacular work is Patricia Field who managed to pull it off quite well while portraying each character.

Father of the Bride Part 3- ish

Another most delightful shows is a 26-minute show, Father of the Bride Part 3- ish in which Diana Keaton aka Nina Banks has set the style bars quite high. From a white sweatshirt to a casual outfit, the show consists of beautiful outfits.



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