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FableStreet produces sterilized reusable cotton masks in the fight against coronavirus

FableStreet is an eCommerce fashion platform, targeted towards women. It offers a wide range of fashion accessories, clothes, and footwear. 

The Indian fashion industry has lent great support for the battle against COVID-19 time and again. From big names to small retailers, everyone has extended a helping hand amid these tough times. Now, the premium fashion startup FableStreet is following suit.

The eCommerce company has launched sterilized cotton face masks that are reusable and accessible to all. The cotton face masks are designed in accordance with the guidelines provided by MOHFW on coronavirus disease. These masks are natural, breathable, and possess a ply count above 180, acting as a perfect shield against the disease.

The masks are available to anyone in need, from adults to children. They are produced using sterilized cotton, which is boiled and treated with disinfectants and further packed in a pack of 5 for delivery.

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Ayushi Gudwani, Founder & CEO, FableStreet, said “This is an unprecedented situation and a tough time for not just individuals and start-ups but also the entire world. Given the short supply of masks and our intent to support the cause in every way, need, is what encouraged us to take this a step forward and repurpose our manufacturing providing masks to the ones in need and also resell to our consumers as well. We are conscious of the safety of not only our teams and ensuring that they are working from home until we have clarity on the same but also for all the citizens. So, I suggest that you stay home, stay healthy while we ensure that we deliver these essential goods to you, our consumers, and loyalists.”

Furthermore, the fashion startup is fully geared towards maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment. All workers are mandated to wear gloves and face masks and follow hygienic practices. Additionally, it has been encouraging its employees to work from home following the important moto of “Stay Home Stay Safe”

The cotton masks are available on the website www.fablestreet.com and are priced at Rs. 495 for a pack of 5 and Rs. 990 for a pack of 10. The company is making stringent efforts to disseminate the face masks to all the market places, RWA’s and corporates. All the more, it is offering these masks to their employees and needy ones for free.

FableStreet guarantees that the cotton masks are suitable for prevention against COVID-19. They are washable and reusable, hence they can be worn multiple times without risking infection.


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