As the pandemic got fierce, the retail sector got caught up in frenzy. Consumers feared to step into stores and preferred the much easier option of online shopping. This has led to owners of offline stores to buck up and change their strategies to reach the consumer in a better manner.

Source: Business Standard

Fabindia has long been one of the most trusted and loved ethnic brand that is well known across the country for its simple and elegant designs and also for the quality of clothing. Their stores are an experience in itself. But amid the pandemic, as the footfall decreases, the company is constantly making efforts to strengthen the quality and leadership at the organization. One of the steps, they took in this regard, is to appoint Aditya Ghosh to the Fabindia family, as a member of its board of directors. The New Delhi based company said that its delighted to welcome Aditya to Fabindia. Fabindia’s board members include Vinita Bali, who is the former Managing Director of Britannia Industries and Sean Sovak of Lighthouse funds.

Ghosh was a lawyer in his earlier years and changed the course by becoming a corporate executive. With a commendable credential, Aditya Ghosh serves as a member on the board of OYO hotels and homes, where he also served as a CEO before moving as a board member in December 2019. He is said to have played an important role in the overall success of the Indigo airline in turning into a budget airliner.

Economic Times, conversing with Ghosh reported that he is very excited to be a part of the team of Board of directors and will be working closely with William Bissell who is the chairman of Fabindia and his leadership team on strategic planning and new initiatives. Fabindia currently operates 327 stores in India and 14 international stores and largely sells products produced by rural artisans. It is however yet to see the novelty the new found team would bring to enhance the overall performance of the company.




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