During lockdown, Demand for Platinum jewellery increases in India

Demand for platinum jewellery in India increases.
picture credits to economictimes.com

People demanding platinum jewellery in India has expanded by about a third after the lockdown limitations were facilitated, bought usually by male buyers, in tier 2 and 3 cities. Platinum chains, bands, bracelets costing beneath Rs 2 lakh are the well known picks as purchasers don’t have to give their permanent account number (PAN). The metal is almost 40% less expensive than gold.

Platinum Guild International (PGI) reports that India has become the quickest developing platinum jewellery market all around the world.  An important contributor of this development has been the gemstone and jewellery industry, representing 7% of the nation’s GDP. PGI says India’s solid and implanted adornments culture has seen huge changes over the previous decade; the financial condition; and a changing retail scene.

Indian individuals mark weddings, social, cultural and religious celebrations and propitious dates by purchasing jewellery, which, combined with a growing shift from a savings mentality to active commercialization, has supported the market, PGI brings up.

It includes that urbanization has additionally prompted families with higher expendable salaries and free dynamic forces. Platinum in India has manufactured desire and significance among the consumers, by differentiating from gold through a compelling emotional and picture driven value. Platinum gems in India is viewed as a symbol of love and expression of commitment.


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