2020 fashion trends, December: Covid-19 pandemic has snatched a lot of our plans we made for 2020. From travel to parties to health, everything was stalled during the whole year. Nothing ‘new’ else, but the pandemic has only given us a new normal consisting of masks, sanitisers, social distancing, night curfews which quite sums up how the whole year has been. However, the circumstances created some new fashionable looks for us those were comfy yet fashionable.

Work from homes, and sitting at home all day has indeed given us a lot of pressure and stress, however, it also gave us an opportunity to style and restructure clothes and designs. This new normal is, as of now, going to linger around, so why not shape our lives according to it? Here are the top trends of 2020 those can be practised in the coming times as well.

Here are the 2020 fashion trends:

The fashionable masks

Masks are our new faces, our new identity and they must be decorative but of course, you must sanitise them at regular intervals so that you are safe.

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Tracks and smart

We all have practised staying inside the home and that has made us realise that During the lockdown, we have all faced the uncertain situations, sudden office calls, stepping out of the house to buy some groceries, for the same, this Japanese concept trendy, fashionable, and smart.

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Classic yet comfortable

Till when would you wear a pajama suit? The jeans in your wardrobe are crying silent tears so wear them! Pair them with a loose fashionable colourful tee and see how cute this looks on you; classic and comfy!

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The famous covid office outfit

You might have heard about formal and informal clothes, but covid has introduced another trend ‘formal from the upper side and informal from the lower side’. Schools, colleges, and offices has taken a lot of Zoom meetings those has exhausted us like anything. During these sections, we used to pair the old rugged jeans with the newest formal shirt hanging in your wardrobe. Well, this is indeed a new fashion idea!

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