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Covid-19 Outbreak : Ralph Lauren to produce masks, isolation gowns

Ralph Lauren is an American billionaire who also happens to be a fashion designer and a businessman, mostly known for his Ralph Lauren Cooperation which is a global multi billion dollar enterprise. Ralph Lauren is the 102nd richest person in the United States of America as of 2019. No one in the fashion industry will ever be unaware of his name and status in the field. He has been the recipient of various awards and honours in the Fashion World including many Coty Awards, America Fashion Award, entering the Coty Hall of Fame, Retailer of the year in 1986 and the CFDA award among a few. Ralph Lauren Cooperation has not only brought to us a series of clothes and fabrics but various fragrances launched at Bloomingdale’s in March 1978. This was the first time ever that two fragrances had been introduced for men and women separately by a designer.

In this time of global panic, when the entire world is in a lock down due to a pandemic, many brands have come up to provide help and support. Many fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Prada, Crocs and Sephora have started coming up with ways to help the world during the spread of Corona Virus. All these fashion brands are providing medical overalls, hand sanitizers and face masks to the people out there. Ralph Lauren has come up with such an initiative too. Ralph Lauren would very soon start with the production of medical face masks and isolation gowns to lend a helping hand in these difficult times that our world is going through presently. The Brand will go ahead and start with their manufacturing of 250000 masks and 25000 gowns as per the statistics. Not only this, Ralph Lauren will also be donating a huge sum for the relief fund and in response to the pandemic. This charity arm was initially known as the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation.

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Ralph Lauren announced on the 26th of March stating that the cooperation will be providing these masks and these isolation gowns to the people who deal with patients of Corona Virus on a daily basis, mainly the doctors, nurses and other such professionals in the United States of America. These healthcare workers were to be provided by scrubs and gowns in the initial thought by the cooperation. They have further built on the idea and come up with isolation gowns. Not only this, the company has decided to pay their share to World Health Organization Covid-19 Solidarity Relief Fund. The brand has also decided that it will support the dying fashion industry through this pandemic by committing to the Council of Fashion Designers of America. This will prove to be a great relief to the Vogue Fashion Fund of America.


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