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Adman Vishwajeet Singh Rana launches exclusive fashion label for men, sons + fathers

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Vishawajeet Singh Rana who is ex-country head of TBWA\Media Arts Lab and has also served as Senior Vice President of Ogilvy has now launched an exclusive designer menswear fashion label known as sons + fathers. This fashion label targets men to provide them with the best looks and value quality over quantity. Son + fathers offer classic menswear.

Sharing about the fashion label, Vishwajeet quoted, “Our philosophy is, fashion comes and goes but the style is eternal hence we believe in timeless appeal and create clothes made of finest quality fabric, which will last you a lifetime if you take care of them. And we partner with small but best, ethical partners. Each fabric is handpicked individually and we certainly are only for men who take pride in looking good. It is NOT for everyone.”

Vishwajeet Singh Rana is a multi-tasking person who has been an advertiser, photographer, has also directed films, and is a fashion designer as well. Indian men have a limited choice in clothing, but would be able to choose from a wide range of sons + fathers.

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Talking about the issue, Rana mentioned, “When I came back to India in 2006 – I use to struggle to find good clothes for men and use to look forward to my trips abroad so I could shop & stock up. Lot of it has changed now which is great. We will keep infusing new stuff but we don’t intend to be a mass production label. We will always be only for men with discerning taste.”



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