April 01: Colorbar, a famous makeup brand has recently launched a customisable makeup palette containing 12 custom-designed cases along with the selection of blushers, highlighters and eyeshadows. This is described as India’s first-ever customisable makeup palette by the renowned brand.

One can choose and select from a variety of options to include in their palette. The new launch of Colorbar has an aim to engagw their customers by enabling them to choose from variety of powdered products as well as the outer case giving them option to design their own palette uniquely.

The development is titled as Bespoke Palettes and is designed to promote the core ideal of the brand that is ‘be yourself’. This information was bestowed by the brand itself via their official Facebook page. The Bespoke Palette has been launched across the exclusive stores of Colorbar located in India.

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The launch took place in a shopping event where several bloggers were invited to create their own respective Colourbar customised palette reflecting their personalities and showcase different combinations.

This resulted into a new campaign video of Colorbar for its latest range as the video stars influencers such as Priyanka, Shiveeka, Pallavi among many others.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reduced people’s shopping budget due to the uncertainties and with the help of this newly launched initiative of Colorbar, shoppers will be able to create want they exactly want without investing in extras they don’t even require.



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