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List of most popular, top 20 cities with best street food in India

Food is a religion in this country and street food the highest form of worship. Almost every city of India

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List of most popular, top 10 cookbooks showing greatness & variety of Indian food

Books about food are books about love. Food is equivalent to love. How the spices melt on your tongue to


Covid-19 : Top 10 Books to Read During this Lock down

Are you bored? Let me re-frame that, are you bored already? The world has come to a standstill and what


List of most popular, top 30 traditional dishes making India famous Worldwide

India has always been known for its traditions, culture, landscapes, different ethnicity, spices and food, food being the major source


List of most popular, top 5 Fashion Awards in India

Before 1980, there were hardly any fashion designers in India and hardly anything that was directly connected to the fashion


Most critically acclaimed bollywood Adaptations of William Shakespeare

Bollywood film-makers have not once, not twice but have adapted plays of William Shakespeare many times through Omkara (Othello), Haider


9 food alternatives to switch to for a healthier lifestyle

The world seems to be moving in its own pace and to catch up with people have taken up many

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List of most popular, best food magazines in India for recipes, pictures, chef interviews

India is known for its culture and traditions and beautiful landscapes and technology and movies and values, but mostly for

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Covid-19 Aftermath : Food and Fashion Retailers to Suffer a Great Loss

According to the top industry associations, the food and fashion retail into the clothing line, dining out and grocery retail


List of most popular & best celebrity Fashion Designers in India

In the 21st century where fashion has become a sought after field for so many youngsters. There are so many