American social media platform Pinterest has forecasted consumer trends for 2020. The official Pinterest page says, “more than 320 million people worldwide use Pinterest, it is clear that this research provides valuable data to identify emerging trends.” The report is created by analyzing data search volumes from August 2017 to July 2018 and comparing it with that of August 2018 to July 2019.

Here are the top trends

Return of the ’90s

Seems like ’90s is going to return especially in fashion as people looking more and more for Grunge Fashion, 90’s streetwear, headband, 90’s hairclips, braids and more. Also, The search for Outfits for the year 2000 shows an increase of 669%. The report states that “the craze for the 90s shows no signs of stopping. Wear your old denim jacket, choose the right CD and get ready to relive this wonderful time.”


People are constantly looking for gender-neutral fashion, Androgynous wedding dress, Gender-neutral haircuts, along with baby names, bedroom décor and more—all gender-neutral. The report states, “Among all age groups, the Z generation is the one that expects more to find gender-neutral options. For example, 59% of young people in generation Z expect to find options without gender connotations in the modules, compared to 40% of baby boomers.”

Conscious Consumption

People are constantly looking for ideas of conscious living and minimizing waste. For example, people looking for ‘second-hand wedding dress’ has gone up by 41%. Similarly, ‘secondhand clothes have seen a spike of 38%. The report has an entire section of ‘Travel Responsibly’ where it shows more people looking for travelling sustainably.

Apart from these trends the report also talks about a spike in trends like detoxifying from social media, climate change protest posters, people looking for stylish outfits for their pets, designs for home theatre, coffee corners and more.



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