Over the past few years, youth has been at the forefront of discussions and decisions across the world. Popular world leaders have been spotted at various instances indulging in the power and curiosity of the ever changing youth of the world, calling them the change makers of the future. This emphasis has lead to a change in communication and strategy adopted by business and leaders who is seen largely catering in favor of the youth.

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This transformation has come about majorly because the trends that define today’s culture in terms of technology, social life, fashion or communication has undergone a change because of this set of population. Over the months we have also seen the evolution of youth through their participation in relevant happenings in the country such as protests and demonstrations. The rise of this population in the world has brought about a new term known as “the youth culture”. The youth culture has been defined as “the way children, adolescents and young adults live, and the norms, values, and practices they share.” The practices and values they shared over the years have been so deeply engraved in the society that the adults had no choice but to adapt them.

It is inevitable to mention the contribution of youth in the boom of social media. From a mere platform to chat with our friends to a platform to wage wars has been an amusing smooth ride carried out by the youth. This became such a sensation that the expatriates who face problems and are detained on false grounds used the media to communicate to the former external affairs minister of India The late Sushma Swaraj on twitter, many of them being successfully rescued and bought back to their homeland.

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Businesses have been carefully observing the behavior of the youth to bring about important innovations to their products. It is the hunger of the youth to gain more knowledge and information that bought a revolutionary change in the way content is created in today’s world. Businesses like Netflix and Amazon spend millions to experiment with variety of shows. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix had famously stated that after spending millions on a TV show and releasing the first episode, he has stalled its production because it refused to connect with the population. Such a popular culture emerged with the acceptance of the world’s young population towards the advancements of technology.

Today’s youth is demanding and certain. This has lead to immense freedom of choice. The striking knowledge of the youth has resulted in people coming forward in unison to speak against and for, what they believe is right. They have stood up breaking the shackles of the forces that tried to fetter them. What does such strength hold for the future generation?

In my belief, a world that is undivided by the fear and felony.



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